Unique features of P8 Car spoilers set them apart from the others. The following attractive features of P8 Car spoilers make your car stands out in the crowd and enhance your overall driving experience.


Aerodynamic Design

P8 Spoiler blocks the flow of air as it comes from the rear windscreen and hence provides more down-force to make the car more aerodynamic. Spoilers also operate like air dams, pushing down on the back of the car or making it lower to the ground while the wind whips around it thus improving the aerodynamics of your Sedan or Hatchback.


Better Traction Control

As much as it adds to the looks of your car, P8 Car spoiler also helps your car move better on the road, especially around the bends and curves thus driving in the city technically better.


Aesthetic Appeal

Originally designed for adding an engineering element to racing cars, Car spoilers have become a prime accessory to increase the beauty of the car. A well engineered and designed P8 Car spoiler can turn your car into a dashing beauty.


Increased Fuel Efficiency

Through the aerodynamics and engineering traction control, P8 Car Spoiler reduces drag and helps increase the fuel efficiency of your car.


Smooth Cushioned Riding Experience

Designed to be fit at the correct angle and with all the special and unique features, P8 Car spoilers provide you with an amazing cushioned and an overall smooth driving experience.

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