Low lint wiper

Low Linting wiper which reduces the risk of process contamination. A durable wiper that will stand up to aggressive solvents without falling apart


Highly Absorption

Highly absorbent wiper that is ideal for surface preparation use prior to painting, coating, sealing or adhesive application


MICROFIBER CLOTH Cleans virtually...

MICROFIBER CLOTH Cleans virtually any surface with these environmentally friendly, microfiber clothes. Microfiber cloths allow you to reduce annual cleaning costs without reducing the quality. Environmentally friendly design requires no chemicals.


KIMTECH* Microfibre Cloths are designed with the cleaning professional in mind. KIMTECH* Microfibre Cloths help you to clean smarter. They are also environmentally friendly cleaning options that can be used without chemicals or detergents.

By virtue of its material and design, properly woven Microfibre fabric is an extremely effective cleaning material. Such a cloth can hold up to 8 times its weight in liquid and has an exceptional property of absorbing oils. Microfibre fabrics are so soft that they do not even scratch the paintwork of cars and automobiles unless dirty or soiled. Due to their very soft nature, Microfibre fabrics do not leave behind any lint or dust and for this very reason, such fabrics are put to use by car detailers and paint-shop workers to remove wax from paint, quick detailing, cleaning car interiors and glass and for drying. Due to their softness, Microfibre fabrics are also used by professional photographers to clean the lens of their cameras.

Tests have also demonstrated Microfibre fabrics to reduce bacteria by up to 99% while cleaning various surfaces. Microfibre fabrics do not tear easily and hence last very long and hence become very effective cleaning material over a period of time.

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Note : Amritras India holds exclusive marketing rights for Kimberly Clark Hygiene Products mainly wipers and tissues in the auto after market in India.

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