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Technical Details
  Item Our Technical Parameter   General Parameters   Re-Marks
  Cool-start current   ≤6A   6-8A    
  Stablization current   3.2A   3.2A    
  Warm start current   4A   4-8a    
  Open circuit protector   Protect within 1 S   Protect Within 1 S    
  Short circuit protector   Protect within 0.5 S   Protect within 0.5 - 1S    
  Over voltage Protector   22+/-1V   18V    
  Low voltage protector   6+/-1V   7V    
  Fire test   No fire at 23KV   No fire at 23KV   No fire at anytime
  Blink test   Turn on/off per 1
Second, the bulb must
light each time
  Turn on/off per 1
second, the bulb must
light each time
  Test conducted at random
over 500 times
  Aging test   90 minutes   30 minutes   100% aging test is conducted on
each & every product produced.
  Ignite test   Normal   Normal    
  High temp. test   105°C   105°C   Test Conducted on a special
designed high temperature chamber
  Low temp.test   -40°C   -40°C   Test Conducted on a special
designed low temperature chamber
  Waterproof &
Dust test
  12 hrs.   6hrs.   Dipped into water 1 meter deep,
even in boiling water. It works fine,
test conducted for 12 hours on a
special designed water &
dust proof chamber
  Shake proof test   bulb can break
after big impact
  bulb breaks even
on little impact
  Various test done at seperate
& extreme parameters
  Salt fog test   Fine   Fine    
proof test
  Pass the statue
  Pass the statue
  Systematically collected & written
  Start voltage   23KV   23KV    
  Time for Cool-start
  3S   8S    
  Insulation   ≤300MQ   ≤300MQ    

The P8 Xenon Conversion Kit comes in a complete package and can be installed easily.

The P8 Xenon Digital super slim ballast is integrated with starter to ensure easy fitment in the vehicle.
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