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Now, you don´t need to worry about reversing your car. You don´t need to look back while driving your car in reverse. Say hello to world class Reverse Parking Sensors from P8. With latest computer technology and an innovative concept, P8 reverse parking sensors help you reverse your car with much more ease and comfort.

P8 Parking Sensors come in 3 variants to suit your requirements. All the variants are designed to provide you with information about the distances of your car from various objects while you are reversing your vehicle. Either through Rear View mirror mounted device or a Console version, P8 sensors help in reversion your car and also provide audible alarms as per their design.

Built in to these devices are ultrasonic radio motion sensors that accurately gauge the distance of various objects from the rear of your car and display the same on the rear view mirror or console mounted device with specific distance values and beep alarms whilst you reverse your car.

Some of the variants have small, high quality, night vision cameras mounted at the rear of the car. These capture real time images of the rear of the vehicle while you engage the reverse gear. The image is then visible on the rear view mirror of your car or on a console mounted device depending on the variant installed in your vehicle. You can use the same to see what´s there at the back without even turning around.
Parking sensors have become a must have accessory for your car and is a great aid in reversing your car.
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